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FreeCell – Card Games Now


Statistics: They’re a little rough this week but I know I played at least 3 hours of it starting February 3rd and ending February 6th. I played at least five games every time I opened it and to play one game can take anywhere from five minutes to ten minutes! So, if I’ve added it together correctly, the total should come out to 3 hours.

This past week was busy. I didn’t have much time for games, hence why the game this week is FreeCell; played both on my iPod touch and my computer. This game used to always be challenging and I never knew how to play it for the longest time. It confused me because it looked similar to solitaire but when you start playing you find out it’s completely different! It made me discouraged so I didn’t play for quite a few years until I finally learned the rules. I find the game entertaining now because it challenges my mind and allows me to come up with different ways to tackle the game. It’s just like a story; there are many ways to start, continue and end one!

This game allowed me to take a break from the mound of schoolwork I had last week and it was a nice break, not one where you just sit there trying to plan a story when you just don’t want to think anymore. It’s not a game like Minecraft or Call of Duty where you’re immersed into the game and you personify the character as yourself. In FreeCell, you’re just trying to get all the cards from ace to king in the allotted spots. It was a nice break, because sometimes in the other games you have to think. This is just a game to relax your mind and body.


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