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Reading Week? More Like Gaming Week.


Statistics: Feb 15: 2 1/2 hours, Feb 16: 2 1/2 hours, Feb 21: 5 hours (with the girls), Feb 23: 5 hours, Feb 24: 5 hours (Monopoly), Feb 27: 5 hours. Total gaming hours is 25 hours. Wow.

So I’ve got two weeks posted here. I can’t believe how much I gamed. It’s amazing how much time I spent with my friends and gaming. It’s something that we’ve bonded over I guess. Which is weird because the game we tend to bond over is Call of Duty. I think it’s an odd game to bond over considering we swear and curse at each other. Not exactly a bonding moment to most people.

The fifteenth and sixteenth, the days I gamed before the reading break, was Minecraft. I was mostly working on the local project. We haven’t gotten very far. I was going to play some more at home but I unfortunately couldn’t log on in Calgary. It’s understandable; the server was created in Nanaimo so I didn’t think it would work but I had hoped it would work.

The other two days (the 23 & 27) I was playing Final Fantasy X-2. It’s a relaxing game where I can just focus on the game and not think of anything else or I can let my mind wander and conjure up ideas that I turn around and around in my head, trying to decide if they’re good enough to be used or not. It’s a simple game, the storyline is very fun and relatable. I really like to play games that have storyline’s that are enjoyable. FFX-2 is so far the one I like the best. Though the Sims is fun as well since you can create your own, but FFX-2 has so many different dynamic characters that it’s almost like a book or movie. It’s what I like best about gaming.

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