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The Imagination of Games

Hello again!

Statistics first: March 4 – only half an hour (Minecraft was being too slow), & March 6 – 3 hours. Total game play: 3 1/2 hours.

It was just Minecraft this week. Nothing too exciting, just building for the local. It’s really hard to make things look like the real life objects in Minecraft. I had to go back and destroy quite a bit of the castle because I missed one part of the wall that’s pretty important to the structure. It’s starting to come together though, and it should look pretty sweet when it’s done. The inside is going to be pretty hard because I don’t know what it looks like. I can’t find anything on it on the internet. (Oh, we’re building Sleeping Beauty’s Castle – the one in Disneyland.)

I enjoy Minecraft because you need to use your imagination (or at least you can). You can build whatever you want! Or you can try anyway. I’m sure some things are beyond the capabilities of Minecraft. I love building things, whether in real life, in games or in my stories. It gives me the opportunity to use my imagination (my messed up imagination, but my imagination none the less).

What I find truly amazing is the amount of hours I play at home compared to here at school. When I went home during the reading break, it really did feel like all I did was play games! Those games mostly included my friends, which I don’t have out here and I miss quite a bit, especially when I want to play Call of Duty but can’t because I’m out here and they’re back there. The environment changes completely (and I don’t just mean the games) when you play with friends. You’re now interacting in person and on the game. Those types of games are good to really just have fun. I mean, you can’t really use your imagination, unless you’re going to try and get some killstreak combo or something. The only time you’re using your imagination is when you’re thinking of ways to curse your opponent or friend.

It’s difficult to analyze why when you’re with your friends. I’m constantly thinking about how much fun it is to be with them, not the answer to why I play.

That’s all for now!


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