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My world is no longer running smoothly

It’s a day as most have been lately. The only thing I did differently is laundry. Lately, with the strike here at VIU, there is nothing absolutely nothing for me to do. I’m sitting on my ass in my room twiddling my thumbs and hoping I’ll get some inspiration, any inspiration would do at this point! I think it finally came. I have come up with a pretty sweet sci-fi idea. I haven’t started writing it yet, I’ve just started the logistics such as the main character and the plot (or the plot idea). But I think it could turn out to something cool. You never know! I just have to get down and write it.

I finally finished this drawing I was working on. I watch/follow Sophiechan90 on YouTube and she gave some great advice to start getting your anime drawing better. I took it and I think this came out pretty damn sweet! She said to copy your favourite anime. So I did. I use this picture for a couple of my profile pictures because I think it looks pretty similar to me! Though mostly just the eyes and hair; and weight. The beauty is lost on me…

Anyway, I thought I’d post mine (the picture quality isn’t very good, I apologize) and the original that I copied it from!

Not bad, right?

Anyway, I just wanted to upload a post that had nothing to do with school. I wish there’d be either some sort of agreement or some action taken by the university. Right now, I just feel that this semester is over. But I can’t make the decisions so the student body here has to stick it out until the admin and faculty come to some sort of decision/agreement.

I also really want the Java shoes from Blowfish. They’re AMAZING!! But sadly my money has to go to University. If you don’t know Blowfish, you should really check them out: http://www.blowfishshoes.com/Startup?clearSession=

But I can only sit here and try to write. Try really is the keyword. I keep getting distracted!! Stupid distractions! I’m going to try now. No I’m probably not. I’m probably going to look into transferring. Then I’ll write. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. I’ll also dream of those awesome shoes!! You should really check them out. They’re under shop and boots/booties. They’re totally awesome! Well all Blowfish shoes are. We should bow to their awesomeness.

Anyway, tootles!


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