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You know, I wasn’t too happy with Glee this week. The ending was all “feel-good” (except of course when Holly dumped Will) and I was happy with the ending. But the road to get there just wasn’t very well done. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the writer in me but I just thought it could’ve been written better. In stories you want to build your characters and usually they change or grow within the first quarter, sometimes half, of the book or story. In the regionals episode Rachel had grown. She seemed to be kinder and a better person, not thinking only of herself. Then this episode starts and she’s not! Like what is this! It was so annoying and disappointing!! UGGHHH!!!

Anyway, Portal 2011 launched today, I’m curious to start reading it and see what else is in the magazine. The ones that were read at the launch were okay. I wasn’t very impressed. I kind of wondered why they were chosen. This sort of thing reminds me of high school where there were different groups and outsiders weren’t allowed in. It seems that way to me completely! I could be wrong, of course, but that’s just what it appears to be.

OH but I’m still so angry with Glee! Why oh why can’t they have the characters grow??!!! I know they’re in high school (figuratively) but I just want them to move on and be better!! And have more Kurt. Love him!! And Blaine of course! šŸ˜€ They’re awesome and so so so cute together!!

Ah, but just a quick update. I really need to get writing here this weekend. No more distractions computer! I need to get my game face on!




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