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July is here; month three of my summer. Three of my friends have gone off to Australia while one has decided not to return home and instead live in the city she attends university. There is only one friend left for me to hang out with and so I have set a goal for myself: finish a novel by the end of summer. Should be possible. I’ve written a 22 chapter novel in 2 months before. However, I do not have any motivation! Not even youtube is helping me right now! 😦 I have these ideas for books and yet I feel too lazy to start writing them down! That’s bad isn’t it?

I seem to get motivation at the worst times. Like at work. I had the strongest urge to start writing at work the other day. Do you think I could do it? Of course not! It’s completely maddening!!

Hopefully I’ll get the motivation soon. I really hope I’ll be able to finish a novel. It would just be so amazing! Two months to complete a novel? That would be AWESOME!!

Okay, but I’m signing out now. I’m finally tired.

Goodnight world.


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