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Semester One of Year Three

It’s been a while. No excuse really; I had days off during the summer only working nights but this summer I failed in my goal I had put forth for myself. There were a couple of goals actually: finish Everlasting and write something everyday. Yeah I can’t keep to a schedule very well. I keep thinking: “today we’re going to write the next chapter!” and I never do. Life is weird that way.

This semester is going good so far, I’ve finally put my characters (Alexis and Cambria Scott) into a longer work. I’m creating a TV drama with them as the main characters. So far it’s so good. My dialogue is something I strive to make sound natural and I’m very proud of all of my dialogue’s in the last year that I’ve written. I feel that I’ve grown considerably in that area of my writing and it’s something I want to continue to develop because in some stories I’m reading for my classes or online, I find that dialogue is something many people have trouble with.

I have trouble with endings. In my short story classes I have a hard time coming to a full conclusion. Last year second semester I kept writing what my professor called a Chekovian ending. Chekov is a Russian writer that was apparently famous for not fully completing his stories. I haven’t read many of his stories, but I’ve read a few of his plays and those are quite fantastic. I guess I just like his endings so much that I continue to write like that; at least that’s what people in my class have been saying about this recent story I wrote. They say it doesn’t feel like a complete ending, but to me it is. I don’t want to tell the reader what happens; I want them to imagine it. I guess we’ll see what my professor has to say.

1.9 of Minecraft Beta is coming out soon. Unless it has already come out..? Not too sure when it was coming out; I don’t remember if Notch put it up on Twitter. I might have missed him posting that on his Twitter feed. If you don’t know or play that game, you should. It’s amazing. Well, I guess it’s more of an acquired taste as they say. It’s probably not everybody’s cup of tea!

Anyway, it’s time to return to my editing/workshopping of my classmates works. This process is very time consuming. You definitely need to be in the mind frame to edit stories. And you need to be able to set aside a few hours specifically for this.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

❤ Tara


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