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My Elusive Muse

Hey all!

Currently my thoughts are all jumbled around in my head, refusing to be written. It’s very annoying. I have these ideas and they float around in my head but they just won’t let me write them. I sit at my computer and almost immediately I’m distracted by YouTube or Facebook or Twitter and I don’t get anything done! I do feel, however, that I’m close to finishing chapter twenty-two of Everlasting. I really don’t care much for that story anymore… What I think I should do is start posting another story. Not sure which one.. I had wanted to finish writing one before I started posting again but I kind of doubt that’ll ever happen.

At the beginning of this month I had decided to participate in the National Novel Writing Month. However, I’m nowhere near completing a novel and it’s already the twenty-second. I have failed in that goal as well. It’s very sad. Though, that is a very tough goal to set for yourself; a novel written in thirty days. Right now I’m just aiming for as much done as I can!

Btw, Minecraft has officially been released!! Minecon was just this past weekend, I believe, and Notch released the full game! I’ve got to play it soon.

Just a quick entry today. Hopefully I can get a writing routine started and maybe post here and on Twitter my progress. We shall see!


Semester One of Year Three

It’s been a while. No excuse really; I had days off during the summer only working nights but this summer I failed in my goal I had put forth for myself. There were a couple of goals actually: finish Everlasting and write something everyday. Yeah I can’t keep to a schedule very well. I keep thinking: “today we’re going to write the next chapter!” and I never do. Life is weird that way.

This semester is going good so far, I’ve finally put my characters (Alexis and Cambria Scott) into a longer work. I’m creating a TV drama with them as the main characters. So far it’s so good. My dialogue is something I strive to make sound natural and I’m very proud of all of my dialogue’s in the last year that I’ve written. I feel that I’ve grown considerably in that area of my writing and it’s something I want to continue to develop because in some stories I’m reading for my classes or online, I find that dialogue is something many people have trouble with.

I have trouble with endings. In my short story classes I have a hard time coming to a full conclusion. Last year second semester I kept writing what my professor called a Chekovian ending. Chekov is a Russian writer that was apparently famous for not fully completing his stories. I haven’t read many of his stories, but I’ve read a few of his plays and those are quite fantastic. I guess I just like his endings so much that I continue to write like that; at least that’s what people in my class have been saying about this recent story I wrote. They say it doesn’t feel like a complete ending, but to me it is. I don’t want to tell the reader what happens; I want them to imagine it. I guess we’ll see what my professor has to say.

1.9 of Minecraft Beta is coming out soon. Unless it has already come out..? Not too sure when it was coming out; I don’t remember if Notch put it up on Twitter. I might have missed him posting that on his Twitter feed. If you don’t know or play that game, you should. It’s amazing. Well, I guess it’s more of an acquired taste as they say. It’s probably not everybody’s cup of tea!

Anyway, it’s time to return to my editing/workshopping of my classmates works. This process is very time consuming. You definitely need to be in the mind frame to edit stories. And you need to be able to set aside a few hours specifically for this.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

❤ Tara

Reading Week? More Like Gaming Week.


Statistics: Feb 15: 2 1/2 hours, Feb 16: 2 1/2 hours, Feb 21: 5 hours (with the girls), Feb 23: 5 hours, Feb 24: 5 hours (Monopoly), Feb 27: 5 hours. Total gaming hours is 25 hours. Wow.

So I’ve got two weeks posted here. I can’t believe how much I gamed. It’s amazing how much time I spent with my friends and gaming. It’s something that we’ve bonded over I guess. Which is weird because the game we tend to bond over is Call of Duty. I think it’s an odd game to bond over considering we swear and curse at each other. Not exactly a bonding moment to most people.

The fifteenth and sixteenth, the days I gamed before the reading break, was Minecraft. I was mostly working on the local project. We haven’t gotten very far. I was going to play some more at home but I unfortunately couldn’t log on in Calgary. It’s understandable; the server was created in Nanaimo so I didn’t think it would work but I had hoped it would work.

The other two days (the 23 & 27) I was playing Final Fantasy X-2. It’s a relaxing game where I can just focus on the game and not think of anything else or I can let my mind wander and conjure up ideas that I turn around and around in my head, trying to decide if they’re good enough to be used or not. It’s a simple game, the storyline is very fun and relatable. I really like to play games that have storyline’s that are enjoyable. FFX-2 is so far the one I like the best. Though the Sims is fun as well since you can create your own, but FFX-2 has so many different dynamic characters that it’s almost like a book or movie. It’s what I like best about gaming.

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Didn’t Game As Much As I Planned To


Statistics: total hours is 3. Feb 8, 6-8:30 and Feb 9 11-11:30. Sims 2 shut down after thirty minutes and I decided to work on homework instead.

It was a busy week last week and playing Sims 2 was a wonderful distraction that took my mind away from the real world for a bit. I was in a bit of a rut and needed a distraction and a way to clear my mind. It was also relaxing this past week to play the game. Maybe it was because the romance section in my genre fiction class was pretty much over and we were starting fantasy. It was actually this that gave me inspiration to start planning a game. I was thinking of a story and was going into the politics and when it would be set and where, when I thought this could be a pretty neat video game. We’re just going to see if the plans will turn out how I’m picturing it.

I find it very interesting to find out where the people that create video games have come up with their inspiration. It’s something that I love to learn about, more so in other authors, but I just started noticing how close video games and novels can be. It can sometimes give me inspiration for my stories when I find where other people have gotten theirs from; it’s also cool to see if I have anything in common with other authors. I’ve started to become more interested in the ways video games are written, like the storyline in the game. I was, at a time, interested in the development of a game but I’ve come to realize while that would be cool I just don’t think I’d be able to do it and would like to stay focused on the story. It’s what I love and what I want to do in life; besides teaching.

That’s one thing I like about Sims 2; you can create your own storyline. Each family will  be different, not just in looks, but their outlook on life, what they do, what they like, where they live. It’s amazing the different possibilities that come from the game. It’s relaxing and you don’t need to think except for what you want to name the characters and how you want their house to look. It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a completely different world.


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FreeCell – Card Games Now


Statistics: They’re a little rough this week but I know I played at least 3 hours of it starting February 3rd and ending February 6th. I played at least five games every time I opened it and to play one game can take anywhere from five minutes to ten minutes! So, if I’ve added it together correctly, the total should come out to 3 hours.

This past week was busy. I didn’t have much time for games, hence why the game this week is FreeCell; played both on my iPod touch and my computer. This game used to always be challenging and I never knew how to play it for the longest time. It confused me because it looked similar to solitaire but when you start playing you find out it’s completely different! It made me discouraged so I didn’t play for quite a few years until I finally learned the rules. I find the game entertaining now because it challenges my mind and allows me to come up with different ways to tackle the game. It’s just like a story; there are many ways to start, continue and end one!

This game allowed me to take a break from the mound of schoolwork I had last week and it was a nice break, not one where you just sit there trying to plan a story when you just don’t want to think anymore. It’s not a game like Minecraft or Call of Duty where you’re immersed into the game and you personify the character as yourself. In FreeCell, you’re just trying to get all the cards from ace to king in the allotted spots. It was a nice break, because sometimes in the other games you have to think. This is just a game to relax your mind and body.


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The Game of Minecraft


Statistics: I played quite a bit this week. I think I was putting off homework… Anyway, 8 hours in total, shocking I know. 3 hours on January 25 (this doesn’t include the time in class), 2 hours on January 26, and another 3 hours on January 29.

I didn’t realize I had played so long this week until I tallied up all the hours. It’s amazing how much time you can waste just playing a simple game like Minecraft. It’s odd how much time I waste in a week. I especially felt that way this past week. The game just felt like a distraction to me, not so much fun anymore. It was weird and I don’t know why. Usually I’ve had fun playing the game but it started to lose my interest. I don’t know if I’m just too distracted by my thoughts and even a video game won’t distract me, or if maybe I just need a small break. Small meaning a day or two. I feel so focused on my stories but I can’t seem to produce enough of them to complete one. It’s driving me nuts!

Another thing I was thinking about was the question: why? I’ve tried to answer it before but then another day passes and I feel that my reasoning has changed. At least that’s how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of days. I’m not sure what has happened. Maybe it was reading those romance excerpts for my genre fiction class or thinking about my own romance that I’ll be writing. I’m sure my mind is just jumbled and even a video game won’t straighten it out. It used to in the past, but maybe I’m just changing. We all do, after all.

Even though this week was weird, I did enjoy playing the game before the weekend. I’m not sure what happened, but I guess that’s a mystery I’ll have to work out myself. Asking questions until finally I can get a straightforward answer.


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Game – Minecraft


Statistics first: a total of approximately 5 hours of Minecraft. January 18, 2 1/2 hours, and January 19, 2 1/2 hours. I didn’t have time to play any other games last week, so it was just Minecraft.

Minecraft is awesome. It’s simple yet very fun. So far I’ve just had it on peaceful mode and chosen to build. On the 19th I started crafting Hogwarts. It’s not going to be perfect because you can’t make the towers round and the rooftops won’t be slanted and come to a complete point. It looks okay right now, I haven’t gotten very far, just the entrance into the castle from the Black Lake, but I’ll get there. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and I wanted to construct something from the series. I thought Hogwarts would be the best place to start 😀

I didn’t expect to play that long on Minecraft; I actually thought I’d just take a peek inside and then play something else. That didn’t happen. The time just flew by. But I had so much fun! I want to try it on a harder level next time, try having monsters in it so I have to defend myself. Though I’ve watched some others play it with the monsters and the sounds they make are very frightening.

I like simple games. To me it gives more freedom to be creative and that’s something that I enjoy very very much. I really like to create new things, as I’ve said before, with my stories and now that I’ve discovered Minecraft, I can build some of the buildings or characters or creatures that I’ve thought up in my mind. It’s really sweet how this works; it’s like I can create my own world and watch it come to life! It’s so rewarding. Almost as much as my fiction professor praising my work!

Well, that’s all for now!

– wl

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The Only Game This Week: Sims 2

Hello everybody!

Alright, statistics first (and I warn you it’s not much), but: January 11, I played Sims 2 with 13 expansion packs (I’m only missing three but the disc needed is from Mansion & Garden Stuff) for 2 1/2 hours. I also play the same game January 15 for another 2 1/2 hours. So, in total 5 hours. I also tried to play Minecraft for a little while on the 14th, but it was all wonky when I was playing it. A friend has offered a solution but I have yet to try it; this week I will.

It’s weird having to ask myself “why I game” because I’m not used to looking into my own life; I tend to only do that with the characters I create for my stories or scripts.

For the first time, well okay maybe not the first time, but for the first time in a while I played my Sims family without using the “familyfunds” cheat. I’m so used to being able to do that that it was weird not being able to. I suppose I always used the cheats because I liked to buy all the fancy and expensive items that could be chosen. It was a different experience this way; having to get the parents a job and saving money that way. It’s pretty cool though, and a different experience when you play it that way. Sure, I always get the parents a job but the house they live in is much more grand and I usually built it myself. Starting with just the 30,000 doesn’t let you build their house (or at least it doesn’t for me) because there isn’t enough money to make it perfect or pretty, as that’s usually what I strive for.

I find that playing the Sims calms me, but not as much as playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with my best friend, Vanessa. There’s just something calming about sitting next to her and cursing at the television screen. They’re also a way to escape the real world and focus on what’s right in your mind rather than what’s real. It’s nice, at times, to be able to do that.

– writingleo

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Intro to Gaming Blog

Hello everybody. This category (Gaming) is going to be used to record and share the different games I play each week throughout this spring semester (January to April). I will make it so every blog posted under this category also has ‘Game’ somewhere in the title and a direct link on my Game Blog page so everything can be tracked relatively easily. I shall be updating my blog every week on Monday, most often at night when I have time to bring everything from the previous week together.

I shall include every week the name of the games, where and how I play them, how long I play them and, if I can, the company or maker of the games. My games don’t tend to be online or in a community with other players that are also online but once I get Minecraft and learn that game, it may change. I’m also going to try and look into myself to find out why it is I play the games I play. I do this when I write, sometimes and usually poetry, but I’ve never taken the time to look at it for other aspects of my life. I enjoy these ‘exercises’ that allow you to look within and rediscover a part of yourself you thought you knew.

This post isn’t too long, but it’s the introduction to this category and I hope you understand the purpose of this category.

I’ll go into more detail next week! Have a good night!

– wl