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My Elusive Muse

Hey all!

Currently my thoughts are all jumbled around in my head, refusing to be written. It’s very annoying. I have these ideas and they float around in my head but they just won’t let me write them. I sit at my computer and almost immediately I’m distracted by YouTube or Facebook or Twitter and I don’t get anything done! I do feel, however, that I’m close to finishing chapter twenty-two of Everlasting. I really don’t care much for that story anymore… What I think I should do is start posting another story. Not sure which one.. I had wanted to finish writing one before I started posting again but I kind of doubt that’ll ever happen.

At the beginning of this month I had decided to participate in the National Novel Writing Month. However, I’m nowhere near completing a novel and it’s already the twenty-second. I have failed in that goal as well. It’s very sad. Though, that is a very tough goal to set for yourself; a novel written in thirty days. Right now I’m just aiming for as much done as I can!

Btw, Minecraft has officially been released!! Minecon was just this past weekend, I believe, and Notch released the full game! I’ve got to play it soon.

Just a quick entry today. Hopefully I can get a writing routine started and maybe post here and on Twitter my progress. We shall see!


Semester One of Year Three

It’s been a while. No excuse really; I had days off during the summer only working nights but this summer I failed in my goal I had put forth for myself. There were a couple of goals actually: finish Everlasting and write something everyday. Yeah I can’t keep to a schedule very well. I keep thinking: “today we’re going to write the next chapter!” and I never do. Life is weird that way.

This semester is going good so far, I’ve finally put my characters (Alexis and Cambria Scott) into a longer work. I’m creating a TV drama with them as the main characters. So far it’s so good. My dialogue is something I strive to make sound natural and I’m very proud of all of my dialogue’s in the last year that I’ve written. I feel that I’ve grown considerably in that area of my writing and it’s something I want to continue to develop because in some stories I’m reading for my classes or online, I find that dialogue is something many people have trouble with.

I have trouble with endings. In my short story classes I have a hard time coming to a full conclusion. Last year second semester I kept writing what my professor called a Chekovian ending. Chekov is a Russian writer that was apparently famous for not fully completing his stories. I haven’t read many of his stories, but I’ve read a few of his plays and those are quite fantastic. I guess I just like his endings so much that I continue to write like that; at least that’s what people in my class have been saying about this recent story I wrote. They say it doesn’t feel like a complete ending, but to me it is. I don’t want to tell the reader what happens; I want them to imagine it. I guess we’ll see what my professor has to say.

1.9 of Minecraft Beta is coming out soon. Unless it has already come out..? Not too sure when it was coming out; I don’t remember if Notch put it up on Twitter. I might have missed him posting that on his Twitter feed. If you don’t know or play that game, you should. It’s amazing. Well, I guess it’s more of an acquired taste as they say. It’s probably not everybody’s cup of tea!

Anyway, it’s time to return to my editing/workshopping of my classmates works. This process is very time consuming. You definitely need to be in the mind frame to edit stories. And you need to be able to set aside a few hours specifically for this.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!

❤ Tara


You know, I wasn’t too happy with Glee this week. The ending was all “feel-good” (except of course when Holly dumped Will) and I was happy with the ending. But the road to get there just wasn’t very well done. I don’t know. Maybe it’s the writer in me but I just thought it could’ve been written better. In stories you want to build your characters and usually they change or grow within the first quarter, sometimes half, of the book or story. In the regionals episode Rachel had grown. She seemed to be kinder and a better person, not thinking only of herself. Then this episode starts and she’s not! Like what is this! It was so annoying and disappointing!! UGGHHH!!!

Anyway, Portal 2011 launched today, I’m curious to start reading it and see what else is in the magazine. The ones that were read at the launch were okay. I wasn’t very impressed. I kind of wondered why they were chosen. This sort of thing reminds me of high school where there were different groups and outsiders weren’t allowed in. It seems that way to me completely! I could be wrong, of course, but that’s just what it appears to be.

OH but I’m still so angry with Glee! Why oh why can’t they have the characters grow??!!! I know they’re in high school (figuratively) but I just want them to move on and be better!! And have more Kurt. Love him!! And Blaine of course! 😀 They’re awesome and so so so cute together!!

Ah, but just a quick update. I really need to get writing here this weekend. No more distractions computer! I need to get my game face on!


My world is no longer running smoothly

It’s a day as most have been lately. The only thing I did differently is laundry. Lately, with the strike here at VIU, there is nothing absolutely nothing for me to do. I’m sitting on my ass in my room twiddling my thumbs and hoping I’ll get some inspiration, any inspiration would do at this point! I think it finally came. I have come up with a pretty sweet sci-fi idea. I haven’t started writing it yet, I’ve just started the logistics such as the main character and the plot (or the plot idea). But I think it could turn out to something cool. You never know! I just have to get down and write it.

I finally finished this drawing I was working on. I watch/follow Sophiechan90 on YouTube and she gave some great advice to start getting your anime drawing better. I took it and I think this came out pretty damn sweet! She said to copy your favourite anime. So I did. I use this picture for a couple of my profile pictures because I think it looks pretty similar to me! Though mostly just the eyes and hair; and weight. The beauty is lost on me…

Anyway, I thought I’d post mine (the picture quality isn’t very good, I apologize) and the original that I copied it from!

Not bad, right?

Anyway, I just wanted to upload a post that had nothing to do with school. I wish there’d be either some sort of agreement or some action taken by the university. Right now, I just feel that this semester is over. But I can’t make the decisions so the student body here has to stick it out until the admin and faculty come to some sort of decision/agreement.

I also really want the Java shoes from Blowfish. They’re AMAZING!! But sadly my money has to go to University. If you don’t know Blowfish, you should really check them out: http://www.blowfishshoes.com/Startup?clearSession=

But I can only sit here and try to write. Try really is the keyword. I keep getting distracted!! Stupid distractions! I’m going to try now. No I’m probably not. I’m probably going to look into transferring. Then I’ll write. Yes, that sounds like a good plan. I’ll also dream of those awesome shoes!! You should really check them out. They’re under shop and boots/booties. They’re totally awesome! Well all Blowfish shoes are. We should bow to their awesomeness.

Anyway, tootles!

December twenty first twenty-ten


It’s almost Christmas! Snows on the ground, the weather is very cold that you have to wear an insane number of layers if you want to survive. Or, if you’re insane and want to go out dancing but you want to drink and none of your friends will agree to be the DD then you have to try and dress warm with layers that can be shoved into your sleeves for coatcheck so you don’t have to pay more!! But you still die on the way to the c-train, to the club, and back. But that’s the holidays, right?

Now, I’ve taken on another task for my Wattpad account. I’m going to write an end of the world story. My mom went all sarcastic saying that’s not original! Of course it’s not original! No stories really are nowadays. I quite like my idea though. I haven’t read anything like this nor seen anything similar. (But lets just remember that I haven’t seen/read everything in the world – there’s too much for that). I want to make a very cool cover for it too. I just need to think of the title. I have all the characters down and their personalities. I wrote a couple of stories with these characters for my fiction class. They’re quite fun and interesting. I have a plan of where I want the story to go, I just don’t know how to start it. That always seems to be the hardest part. That and the title. I’m not good at titles.

My friend showed me this blog: the style rookie. She’s really cool if you want to check her out. Her outfits are unbelievable.

Since I don’t know what else to write about, I’m going to leave you with an awesome picture.

Toddlers Rule the World

❤ night hawk


They say that when you’re in university and living in dorms that’s where all the parties happen. I beg to differ. At least here at my school I haven’t come across any yet. Mostly because we’re only allowed to drink inside our rooms and anybody caught underage drinking is immediately evicted. But here that doesn’t stop many people, nor does the fact that I’m on the quiet floor stop people from not being quiet. University is fun and exciting while challenging at the same time. Though that can depend on your major.

I love writing. Hence my pen name and major. I enjoy all forms except for journalism. I’m just not comfortable going up to random people I’ve never met let alone heard of and interview them. It’s just not in my forte. So I dropped out of that class last year. Stories are my favourite form though I’m beginning to enjoy scriptwriting.

You know how summer is supposed to be the time of the year when you reconnect with friends because you’ve all gone off to university or you’re the one coming back and you’re all supposed to party and hang almost everyday? Yeah, that didn’t happen. The only exciting thing was going to Mazatlan. But then again, life isn’t a fairy tale, no matter how much you wish it to be so. But that doesn’t stop me, and I’m sure quite a few others, from dreaming it anyway. *sigh* fantasy is much better than reality sometimes.

So I just got back from eating dinner and 2 fire trucks, one with its sirens blaring and lights flashing, came driving through res. I don’t know why yet as nothing was wrong with my building, but they didn’t seem to stop for long before they continued on their way. Weird this world is…

But goodnight everybody. I shall try to update this often, though tomorrow’s probably going to be very boring so I’ll update on Monday after classes. Weekends are pretty dull here at res… Not much to do. Just reading and writing and homework.. The last one isn’t so much fun sometimes..

❤ writing leo