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My Elusive Muse

Hey all!

Currently my thoughts are all jumbled around in my head, refusing to be written. It’s very annoying. I have these ideas and they float around in my head but they just won’t let me write them. I sit at my computer and almost immediately I’m distracted by YouTube or Facebook or Twitter and I don’t get anything done! I do feel, however, that I’m close to finishing chapter twenty-two of Everlasting. I really don’t care much for that story anymore… What I think I should do is start posting another story. Not sure which one.. I had wanted to finish writing one before I started posting again but I kind of doubt that’ll ever happen.

At the beginning of this month I had decided to participate in the National Novel Writing Month. However, I’m nowhere near completing a novel and it’s already the twenty-second. I have failed in that goal as well. It’s very sad. Though, that is a very tough goal to set for yourself; a novel written in thirty days. Right now I’m just aiming for as much done as I can!

Btw, Minecraft has officially been released!! Minecon was just this past weekend, I believe, and Notch released the full game! I’ve got to play it soon.

Just a quick entry today. Hopefully I can get a writing routine started and maybe post here and on Twitter my progress. We shall see!



So I gave in and got a twitter account. Hopefully it’s appearing on my page now. I don’t have any ‘tweets’ yet but I just don’t know what to put. I guess I could start putting quotes that I like but I don’t know. I don’t really want to tell people what I’m doing every minute of every day. That’s just over kill to me. But I’ll probably just do quotes or lines from plays or stories or stuff like that. I really need to write chapter twenty two of my fanfiction Everlasting. I have it all planned out I just don’t have the motivation. I just don’t like that story any more. It didn’t go in the direction I first thought it would. People seem to like it still though, so I’m trying to get out the next chapters. I want to wrap it up soon but it’s not in the right stage to wrap it up. Here, I’ll tell you about it:

It’s a Harry Potter fanfic, totally over done but I came up with this idea and I like it. I like how I’m slowly trying to kill off Dumbledore but he’s being stubborn and outsmarting Hogwarts. (Yes Hogwarts has a mind/soul of her own). Anyway, it’s one of those Harry has a twin brother stories where the twin is the BWL not Harry. I have James and Lily alive, Jared (Harry’s brother) is James’ child while Harry is the Dark Lord’s child. The Dark Lord in my story is good. Anyway, right now I’m only in Harry’s fifth year. I don’t know where exactly I want to go anymore except for the fact that I want Dumbledore to die.

I just added my first tweet! lol.

Anyway, I’m not having a good time right now with school. I’m having trouble getting passed writer’s block and completing my assignments for my classes. I have my mid semester project for scriptwriting due next Tuesday, I just found out today that my Media Studies case study is due in two weeks and I have yet to start it, then I have poetry every week, thank god I don’t have fiction due Monday, but I will the following Monday, and finally the next publishing assignment is due October 28. I’ve gotta get down and work but sometimes it’s hard. Especially trying to get passed writer’s block. Other writers out there will understand.

I just thought I’d update. I need to practice deadlines because I’m not too good at them, but if I want to get into the writing business I need to do better at deadlines. So, right now I’m going to try and start chapter 22 of Everlasting. I know it’s not for school, but I need just a little break. I’ll probably start poetry soon here too.

Have a great day!

❤ night hawk